Neutrovis Premium Face Mask 50's 3 ply
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NEUTROVIS is a hygience and cleaning brand with extra protective and anti bacterial solution. NEUTROVIS believes science and technology should not only play a role in environmental protection, but also neutralized the surrounding to made a safe environment.

NEUTROVIS is a outdoor companion and environment friendly brand for everyone without any worries about the excess chemical reaction of the products that caused allergic.

* Ready Stock
* Standard: YY/T 0969-2013
* Fluid resistance (against bio-fluids & droplets) 80mmHg (ASTM F1862)
* BFE (bacterial filtration efficiency) ≥ 98% (ASTM F2101) * PFE 0.1μ (particulate filtration efficiency) ≥ 96% (ASTM F2299)
* Low breathability resistance (ΔP) : ≤ 3.0 mmH2O/cm² ( - MIL-M 36954C)
* 3 Layers (3 PLY) / 4 Layers (4 PLY) / KF94 (4PLY)
* Non-Woven Fabric & Melt-Blown Filter Fabric
* Ear Loop / Head Loop
* For personal daily health protection. Disposable Basic Face Antiviral Masks, Filters out bacteria, dust, pollen, and smoke.
* Premium Quality
* Ultra gentle & Ultra soft, suitable for sensitive skin (pimple skin or redness skin) 适合敏感肌痘痘肌
* Extra soft inner and outer layer that are kind to skin
* Maximum breathability
* Single use Medical Face Mask
* Suitable for daily use

Neutrovis Medical Face Mask comes with proven certification.
✔ YY/T0969-2013
✔ EN14683 Type II

Material Non-Woven Mask Fibers, Medical grade Melt-Blown Filter Fabric